Master doesn’t use the term Qi Gong in his style. It is used on the website for clarity of communication and to assist internet searchers. Master created his own style of Qi Gong and it is called Motion of Feeling. It is unique, and it works.

These are mind directed breathing techniques and internal, or mind led, internal motion forms to be done in specific patterns; and for anatomical targetting; or with a specific pain reduction or health improvement focus. Symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns are taught for dexterity. These Qi Gong forms, known as Motion of Feeling, have long been tested by Master and his many students over the years.

They work. Imagine how independent you will feel being able to help yourself at a very low cost, anytime, day or night. Western science documents the medical benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

We know from Master’s and student’s experimentation that it benefits physical and mental health covering a wide variety of health issues. With guidance, you can safely try it.

Master says, It is free anyway!

Master’s creations always strongly focus on martial applications, but I have learned and experienced that Master’s teaching has conscious and subconscious flow-on benefits to work effort and recreational activities.

The brain processes know no boundaries. If you have a sporting, singing or other recreational pursuit let us know, so we may offer guidance on applications, to help with further improvements. Teh Nei Chia Chuan will change your life for the better.

The cultivation, storage, movement and emission of chi is also practiced in physical forms. Even if you have no intention of ever being in a martial situation you can benefit from the conditioning of Teh Nei Chia Chuan forms regardless of age or ability. You will improve yourself.

Initially, the Motion of Feeling forms are consciously practiced, but students will eventually get to the stage that Motion of Feeling and chi cultivation, storage, motion and emission will happen of its own accord, subconsciously, for the wellbeing and safety of the practitioner.

Students will be able to target within and without their bodies through mind led direction. You will never feel more connected with your body than with training like this. Master’s teaching methods also aid students to see tree auras and the chi between your hands.

It’s fascinating. Master has his own breathing forms and Qi Gong forms which can be done in either stationary (in various positions such as sitting, standing or lying) or as moving forms (including our taught forms as well as recreational and work activities).

Some of the Master’s Qi Gong forms are solely for health benefits but many are for martial application as well. By applying the process and abiding by the Five Principles, customisation of forms is possible to suit an individual’s particular circumstances.

These exercises are to aid chi cultivation and emission for health, levitation and effort (for work or recreation), calmness, bliss and euphoria, and martial applications. Master’s Motion of Feeling helps students attain natural highs and altered mind states, which are a healthy alternative to unhelpful behavioural issues and substance abuse.

You can change for the better by choosing what to change and the speed of change.

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    What do I need to bring to learn Teh Nei Chia Chuan Health, Meditation, Breathing, Qi Gong, Massage, Tai Chi, Nei, Kung and Kung Fu?

    Clothing – if you wish to comfortably manage the activities, wear flexible long shorts or pants and a loose t-shirt.  We wear black pants and white tops.

    After three months, you are expected to wear the uniform.

    For formal occasions, you would be given plenty of notice and expected to have the formal uniform jacket.

    Shoes – are not to be worn on the gym mat so you can have bare feet or socks/ stockings.  It is recommended if you wear shoes on the tai chi lawn that they do not have a strong grip, for it prevents you from sliding, turning and spinning easily.  Master always wears Kung Fu shoes, for they are cheap and flexible.  Your Senior Instructor mainly has bare feet, enjoying the grounded feeling.

    Water – we are on filtered rainwater at Forgedale.  Bring a drinking vessel so you can rehydrate.

    Loose-leaf folder or similar – if you wish to expedite your training, it is important to get into the habit of writing down what you learn and questions you would like to ask.  Then over time, you will have created your own customised learning manual.

    We suggest a different for each loose-leaf page so that as your learning deepens you can add to the page and add extra pages.  A book can be frustrating and restrictive.  Master is a stickler for writing things down and dating each entry.  You will then know the context and gain an appreciation for your improved learning over time, too.

    Though we may use videos as learning aids, reliance on videos is not considered an appropriate way for students to learn.  We encourage memory enhancement and patience, letting the learning flow naturally.

    Published books are available from Master who can be contacted via his Facebook page.  In each class, we read one or two pieces of prose from Master’s books.  Master shares a lot of his literature on his Facebook page,

    Insect protection – as we are in a bushland setting and may train outdoors or in the open gazebo.

    Weapons – are provided for lessons initially.  After three months, you are expected to have your own.  Beginners start with the bamboo staff and a plastic tai chi training sword.