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Systemic promotion of well-being (mind, body and spirit)



Motion and equilibrium responding to external forces, plus change, growth and development


If you would like to receive life counselling or coaching please book a one-hour minimum first consult. Half-hour to Two-hour sessions is offered thereafter. Upon booking, a short questionnaire will be provided for you to answer, so we can determine the best way to assist. Have faith. Be a Faith Harvester.

With counselling, sometimes we just need someone to listen to, and other times we may need someone to help ask poignant questions so we may find our own unique answers.

It is highly likely that one of our many counselling approaches at Intrinsically Wholesome Dynamics will help you create a better way forward.

The answer is within and within reach. Meditation can greatly help to overcome confusion and gain lucidity. It can help you find the way.

Life coaching provides guidance for you to attain what you desire for yourself. It might be to help make it known to you what it is that you want for yourself. We use continuous improvement models and focus on attaining a balance between the various components of your life. Is your mind, body and spirit aligned with your values? When was the last time you reviewed what was really important to you and your life direction? Make time for yourself and those who depend upon you will benefit also, as you become more focussed, energised and content. You can be guided to acknowledge your attributes and skills, train to strengthen yourself, and learn how to create and develop your preferred way of being.

We are used to getting our physical health checks done regularly with doctors and allied health professionals.

It makes sense to utilise counselling and coaching to provide regular checkups for our mental and spiritual well being.

We can create a better life if we choose. It is reasonable to engage a caring guide and coach, while you are still trying to master self-care and self-coaching techniques.

Have faith. Be a Faith Harvester.

If you would like to receive counselling or life coaching please book a one-hour minimum first consult. Half hour to Two-hour sessions is offered thereafter. Upon booking, a short questionnaire will be provided for you to answer, so we can determine the best way to assist. If we cannot assist, directly with any aspects, we will certainly assist you in seeking out an appropriate person

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    What do I need to bring to learn Teh Nei Chia Chuan Health, Meditation, Breathing, Qi Gong, Massage, Tai Chi, Nei, Kung and Kung Fu?

    Clothing – if you wish to comfortably manage the activities, wear flexible long shorts or pants and a loose t-shirt.  We wear black pants and white tops.

    After three months, you are expected to wear the uniform.

    For formal occasions, you would be given plenty of notice and expected to have the formal uniform jacket.

    Shoes – are not to be worn on the gym mat so you can have bare feet or socks/ stockings.  It is recommended if you wear shoes on the tai chi lawn that they do not have a strong grip, for it prevents you from sliding, turning and spinning easily.  Master always wears Kung Fu shoes, for they are cheap and flexible.  Your Senior Instructor mainly has bare feet, enjoying the grounded feeling.

    Water – we are on filtered rainwater at Forgedale.  Bring a drinking vessel so you can rehydrate.

    Loose-leaf folder or similar – if you wish to expedite your training, it is important to get into the habit of writing down what you learn and questions you would like to ask.  Then over time, you will have created your own customised learning manual.

    We suggest a different for each loose-leaf page so that as your learning deepens you can add to the page and add extra pages.  A book can be frustrating and restrictive.  Master is a stickler for writing things down and dating each entry.  You will then know the context and gain an appreciation for your improved learning over time, too.

    Though we may use videos as learning aids, reliance on videos is not considered an appropriate way for students to learn.  We encourage memory enhancement and patience, letting the learning flow naturally.

    Published books are available from Master who can be contacted via his Facebook page.  In each class, we read one or two pieces of prose from Master’s books.  Master shares a lot of his literature on his Facebook page,

    Insect protection – as we are in a bushland setting and may train outdoors or in the open gazebo.

    Weapons – are provided for lessons initially.  After three months, you are expected to have your own.  Beginners start with the bamboo staff and a plastic tai chi training sword.