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tue09apr5:00 pm7:00 pmEvent OverTuesday Master's Advanced Classes Taught Directly By Our 10th Dan Grandmaster SteveLearn Direct from 10th Dan Grandmaster Steven Sarath Teh Natakuapa, Founder and Creator.5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Forgedale, 393 Narangba Rd, Kurwongbah, QLD, 4503

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Learn direct from our Internationally Acclaimed 10th Dan Grandmaster, Steven Sarath Teh Natakuapa, who is the creator and founder of our Royal International Teh Nei Chia Chuan Health and Martial Arts School.  He is the Creator of this unique, esoteric, internal, wholistic style and Founder of his renown school.

Master Steve is superlatively accredited by the international WOMA Group [World Organized Martial Arts Inc WOMA International Council for Higher Martial Arts Science Educations Inc, USA].   Though Master Steve is content with being called Master, and doesn’t make claims about his skill level, international peers, World Officials and Boards of Directors publicly attest he is irrefutably a 10th Dan Grandmaster.  Master has been publicly honoured with the conferred title of Duke by four different monarchs of royal houses allied with the international WOMA community, acknowledging his supreme skills, and his health and martial arts education and directorship services to the WOMA Group.

The Advanced Level Class is for those who have a solid understanding and experience of the basics of the Wholistic, Systemic, Jigsaw Approach to learn the Teh Nei Chia Chuan Style of Health and Martial Arts.  The basics are taught by your Senior Instructor, Cath, at Saturday, Sunday and Thursday classes or via private lessons.  Advanced Classes are typically taught by Master Steve each Tuesday Evening Class, and occasionally at other classes and seminars.  At the eager and respectful request of those who value learning direct from the Master, this adept and agile 83yo has for a limited period, come out of retirement to instruct Tuesday night esoteric training sessions.  Grandmaster Steve has been internationally acknowledged 10th Dan by global peer leaders and expert practitioners from various martial arts disciplines, of the World Organizer of Martial Arts.  He has never applied for nor sought honours or recognition, nor exemplary leadership positions of high authority in the international arena, however all of these are obtained by him in astounding multitudes (see his Facebook page).

This training style is the recommended approach and only approach Master ever uses. It is a wholistic, systemic, jigsaw approach to teaching and learning which includes all the training listed under the website’s SERVICES menu, namely, DIY Health Improvement, Breathing Enhancement, Self-Massage, Motion of Feeling (Qi Gong), Meditation, Tai Chi Forms, Tai Chi Sword Form, Nei Kung, Kung Fu and Weapons Training.

Training in all of these methods is provided to you in lessons, piece by piece, taught by your Grandmaster whose actions follow his words, to ensure you will understand the finesse and details.

Gradually, you will work out how they fit together, these multivariate forms with their infinite permutations.   Ask me whilst I live, says Master.

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Cathy - Senior Instructor0405 053 062 393 Narangba Rd Kurwongbah Q 4503

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The Wholistic, Systemic, Jigsaw Approach to learn the Teh Nei Chia Chuan Style of Health and Martial Arts as Recommended by Master Steve

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